Our humble beginnings….

Founded by Stu Herreid and Budd Snell in 2013, Ukes for Schools, Inc. was imagined to create a better world for all people by playing and sharing music.

By introducing young people to music, we believe we are creating healthier members of society. Over the years, we have seen young players engage musically with others, including family members and friends.

The Strum Shop began as a ukulele music store and has expanded into the premier music center in historic downtown Roseville. Located at 209 Vernon Street (corner of Vernon and Lincoln streets), The Strum Shop features instruments including ukulele, guitar, bass, violin, percussion and accessories.  Private and Group lessons are available.

Come on down and play with us. Free music events, as well as concerts and workshops* are scheduled each month. Check out the Strum Shop Calendar for details.

Our Ukulele Loan Program – Each year, we receive many requests to participate in our Ukulele Loan Program. In the past, some of our ukuleles have found their ways to remote areas of the world (how about Rwanda??? Yes!!). Since our agreement (as stated in our Memo of Understanding) is to loan ukuleles to active music programs, we have found it necessary to limit our outreach to schools and clubs in our local vicinity. We have identified seven Northern California counties in near proximity: Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, Sutter, Amador and Nevada. One of our initial qualifying questions will be about the proximity of your school or club to The Strum Shop in Roseville, CA (Placer County). We are most likely to be able to loan instruments to schools or clubs in one of these seven counties.

We would love to be able to fulfill all requests but resources are limited. We suggest new club leaders or teachers read our “Uke Club Leaders Handbook“. Planning and support are also two areas that deserve great attention.

Our guiding tenet has always been to allow schools to keep and maintain our instruments as long as there is an intended use for them. When a music program ends (funding, teacher retires or moves to another school) then we ask the school to make arrangements to return the instruments back to The Strum Shop.

*Tickets for concerts and workshops are available online at TheStrumShop.com. Call ahead to check seating concert prices and available seating.